Avoid all inconveniences related to ear surgery with the Sorribes Method

correcting bat ears without ear surgeryMany people turn to what is often called bat ears surgery to have protruding or otherwise irregular ears corrected. There is, however, a safer and gentler alternative to ear surgery, where you avoid all risks and side effects that typically come with otoplasty. The Sorribes Method is easy, painless and safe treatment of irregular ears that can be compared to using braces to straighten irregular teeth.

A safe alternative to bat ears surgery

Although plastic surgery is a well-known method for correcting what many people refer to as bat ears, it is not without risks. Anaesthesia can be risky, and pain and inconveniences post ear surgery is unavoidable. With the Sorribes Method we offer an alternative to plastic surgery that works for all ages and delivers permanent results. It is easy, pain free and completely safe.

The Sorribes Method works for all ages

The Sorribes Method is an effective and gentle treatment for protruding ears that works for all ages. Small children, toddlers and teenagers can benefit hugely from using this treatment, and even adults will experience permanent results. The younger you are, the shorter the treatment will be, so we recommend that parents with children with protruding bat ears start treatment as early on as possible. It can even be used on new-borns.

Allergy tested and patented products that are easy to use

The products used for the Sorribes Method are all allergy-tested and really easy to use. They gently and carefully mould the cartilage of the ear, which is where the problem is. In this way, the angle of the ear is changed until it has been moved to a natural position close to the head. Unlike ear surgery, this method is very gentle, much safer and also significantly cheaper.

Like straightening teeth with braces

Many young children -and even adults- have their irregular teeth straightened with the use of braces, and the Sorribes Method in many ways works the same way. The products are discreet and can be worn even during the day, and there is no need to wear a head bandage when the treatment is over, like you do when you have ear surgery.