Otoplasty – avoid the side effects and risks with Sorribes Ear Method

Avoid otoplasty costOur unique ear method is a safe and painless alternative to the cosmetic ear surgery procedure called otoplasty. This procedure is often used to correct irregular ears, but like any other surgery, it involves risks. With the Sorribes method, you avoid these risks and side effects entirely.

A great alternative to otoplasty – lower cost, safe and painless

Having prominent ears often affects a person’s self-esteem, and these self-esteem issues are frequent in children, teenagers and adults alike. Therefore, we recommend that parents have their child’s ears corrected, if they are irregular and protruding. We recommend they start this treatment as soon as possible, and before it starts becoming a problem for the child.

However, any type of surgery involves risks. To avoid complications, recovery issues and possible side effects, many parents, teenagers and adults look for an alternative to surgery. The Sorribes Method provides just that.

Avoid side effects and risks

If you are looking for a safe and gentle alternative to plastic surgery, our non-surgical method is the answer. Our ear correction treatment can be compared to straightening irregular teeth using braces. Our allergy tested products are easy to use and gently mould the cartilage of the ears, so that the ears move closer to the head.

Save up to 60% of the otoplasty cost

Apart from avoiding risks and side effects, you can also save a lot of money with the Sorribes Method. Compared to the cost of plastic surgery, it is a very economical choice. In fact, you can save no less than 60% of the otoplasty cost when you choose our non-surgical method.

Discreet daytime treatment

One of the many benefits of using the Sorribes Method is that it is so discreet that it can be used during the day without making you feel self-conscious. On top of this, once the treatment is over, you will not have to wear a head bandage like you would if you had had surgery. Once it is done, it is done – and the result is permanent.