All risks related to ear pinning is avoided using Sorribes Ear Method

Ear pinning is plastic surgery that corrects protruding or irregular ears. Sorribes Ear Method is a gentle and safe alternative to ear pinning surgery.

Gentle, riskless and permanent ear correction without surgery
Pinning ears back is surgery used to correct protruding ears and is one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries for children. Ear pinning is performed on children as young as 4, however there are always risks involved in both ear pinning surgery and anesthesia. Sorribes Ear Method is a safe non surgical alternative to pinning back ears. The treatment is comparable to correcting irregular teeth with braces. Using four easy-to-use patented and allergy tested products the cartilage of the ears is gently moulded and the ears moved to a natural looking position close to the head.

Permanent ear correction for all ages
Many children are aware of their appearance at an early age. Small children with protruding ears often suffer ridicule from older children, even before they become aware of their irregular ears. Many parents to children with stick out ears look for a safe and painless alternative to having their child's ears pinned back with ear pinning surgery. Sorribes Ear Method works for all ages. We treat from newborn and up, also teenagers and adults.

Good news for teenagers: no bandages, no pain, no scars!
Especially teenagers are more than happy to avoid the inconveniences of having to wear a head bandage subsequent to
pinning ears. With Sorribes Ear Method you avoid possible ear pinning side effect such as pain and scar tissue. Also the Sorribes Ear Method offers invisible products for discreet day time treatment. The results are permanent.