All inconvenience related to ear plastic surgery is avoided with Sorribes Ear Method®

Sorribes Ear Method® offers an alternative to cosmetic ear surgery. All risk and pain related to ear surgery and anesthesia are avoided.

Easy and painless permanent ear correction for all ages
Plastic surgery for ears is a well known method for correcting protruding and irregular ears. In most cases cosmetic ear surgery is successful, but anesthesia is risky and pain is unavoidable after ear surgery. Many parents to young children with stick out ears feel reluctant putting their child through plastic ear surgery, and also among teenagers there is a great need for an alternative to cosmetic ear surgery. Sorribes Ear Method is non surgical ear correction. The method works for all ages. We treat newborn babies, toddlers, tweens, teenagers and adults.

Sorribes Ear Method uses patented and allergy tested easy-to-use products
Sorribes Ear Method is comparable to correcting protruding teeth with braces. The method uses an adhesive patch, a silver ear brace and a plastic ear clam. The products gently moulds the cartilage of the ear and changes the angle of the ear until it lies close to the head. The result is permanent. Compared to cosmetic ear surgery Sorribes Ear Method is gentle, painless, has less side effects and lower costs.

Lower cost compaired to the cost of ear surgery
Ear surgery prices are high. Sorribes Ear Method offers an economical alternative to the higher ear surgery cost. Depending on age and ear deformity, you save up to 60 % compared to the cost of ear surgery.